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Honeywell YTH6320R1001 Wireless Programmable Thermostat Review 2017

Honeywell YTH6320R1001 wireless thermostat is a wireless programmable thermostat kit ideal for house or office that can monitor and shows outdoor temperature and humidity levels in its display. The kit has all HVAC tool wired to a module receiving connection from the wireless instrument. Also, the kit is equipped with return air sensor working with the interface module of the equipment to keep indoor temperature safe. In case that at the wireless thermostat the power is lost then the sensor will do its part.

Honeywell YTH6320R1001 Wireless Programmable Thermostat has unquestionably excellent features including the redlink wireless technology that is brought by RedLINK reliability allowing no disturbance with other wireless instruments that you may have already installed in the house. The wireless kit is very easy to install. The product also offers one-year battery life along with the system of low battery notice. The device is able to keep 82F for cooling and 62F for heating.

What are customers say about this Honeywell wireless thermostat in their reviews? Of course, the kit’s easy installation and programming catches the most attention from reviewers out there. A device that seems to be complicated yet can be installed by non-professional electricians. Anyone can locate it in his or her bedroom to get more precise temperature control or to take it downstairs when all members of the family are there. Once you have installed the Honeywell YTH6320R1001 Wireless Programmable Thermostat then you do not need to mount it again ever.

In fact, many have bought the Honeywell YTH6320R1001 Wireless Programmable Thermostat device since they have issues that their old thermostat kits could not tell accurately the temperature in their house. With Honeywell thermostat these people can now get information about the temperature wherever the device is put. Most users are happier with Honeywell wireless thermostat because eventually the instrument reduces their bills.

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Honeywell RTH9580WF WiFi 9000

Honeywell Wifi Smart RTH9580WF WiFi 9000 Color Touchscreen Thermostat Review 2016

Honeywell rth9580wf wifi 9000 color touchscreen thermostat is one of the best products of Honeywell. Honeywell is a famous wi-fi smart thermostat brand with a history of more than 120 years. Honeywell has been in the thermostat business for many years, lyric round is the most famous product. Unlike Venstar 5800 or the Nest, Honeywell’s RTH8580WF thermostat model relies on a retro LED panel. Front and center is the large color display that provide a great view of the basic stats. On the home screen, there shows the date and time, the temperature of your home and the humidity of the room, on the right there are up and down arrows to change the temperature manually. The touchscreen responds quickly to taps and screens load with promptly.

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Smart features like customizable touchscreen, simple setup, and Wi-Fi remote access. The one thing it doesn’t have is so-called ‘advanced fan control’ that basically keeps the air fresh and filtered.

What will the Honeywell wifi smart thermostat benefit you?

Forgot to turn the heat down or turn the heat up? If you have a Honeywell Wifi Smart RTH9580WF that is not a problem, it can make you adjust and control your thermostat from anywhere. Use your smartphone to manage your smart thermostat, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection, It also offers settings designed to keep you comfortable and save energy at the same time.

Energy saving

With a Honeywell wifi smart thermostat, you can save up to 15% energy cost. It will help you save money by studying your energy usage and adjusting accordingly. Your family will notice the difference within a very short time and will ensure the decrease of your energy.

Peace of mind

With a thermostat with intelligence, you won’t need to stand up and move to the thermostat then change the settings day after day, it will do all the work by itself, even you don’t notice there is a thermostat on the wall. This will bring you a life with peace of mind.


Key Features

Remote Control

With a wifi network RTH9580WF allows remote access to the it through a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Honeywell provide a Total Connect Comfort Service which make it possible to control your thermostat with an app on your smartphone.

The screen color can be customize

You can change the background of the screen to match any décor in your home, this will make your home looks the same as before you setup a thermostat. Simple setup with smart programmable features for home or business

Humidity display

This is a function that other thermostats don’t have.

Ease of use

Denotes ease of setup and making routine adjustments and changes to setback programs, including overrides.


  • Big touchscreen
  • Easy to program
  • Email alerts


  • No data reports
  • Lacks fine-tune control over swing range on already set programs

Installing the Honeywell RTH9580WF

To most people, the hardest thing is installing a new wifi thermostat, Honeywell knows it and provides a 70-page user manual and a fold-out quick-start guide to help you install RTH9580WF. The kit includes everything to an easy installation. A C wire is required.

For me, it is not a big problem to install the thermostat, just follow the manual step by step, about 1 hour I finished the work.

If the aim is replace the old thermostat, it is much easier, just remove the old one then mount the new one, match the wires to the new thermostat, that’s all.


Honeywell provides a compatibility tool for customers to check if your home automation system can work with the RTH9580WF. The thermostat can work with most heating, cooling applications.



This thermostat provide apps for Android and iOS, which are easy to use, lots of features are there for controlling your wifi thermostat from anywhere. You can adjust the temperature, view the temperature and humidity at home, or even set specific adjustments for one-tap settings.

Honeywell RTH9580WF app


The thermostat will push an email notification if there is something wrong with the temperature at your home. Also, when connections between RTH9580WF and Honeywell servers are lost, or your operation on app or website didn’t run on the wifi thermostat.



  • 5″ wide x 3.5″ tall x .8″ deep

LCD Dysplay

  • 24-bit color touchscreen
  • 75″ wide x 2.25″ tall


  • 11b/g/n @2.4GHz
  • 15.4 @ 2.4GHz


  • C-wire is requiredfor power supply
  • No batteries


Honeywell Rth9580wf Manual,Install the Honeywell Step by Step Video

Here is a video of installing Honeywell Rth9580wf, if you lose your manual of the Honeywell Wi-Fi smart thermostat, you can follow this video step by step.

Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostat - Second Generation

Review of Honeywell Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostat – Second Generation


Honeywell announced Lyric Round smart thermostats Add Support for HomeKit. Honeywell announced an update to its home thermostat on 1.5.2016. Lyric Round smart thermostats 2nd is the first HomeKit support product made by Honeywell. It is intended to compete with other HomeKit-compatible thermostats on the market like the ecobee3 and thermostat. This means Honeywell Lyric can be controlled with your iOS device like iPhone and iPad via Siri only if it was connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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Honeywell Lyric Round is similar to Google’s Nest thermostat as a smart/connected device. The product uses a similar Nest circular design, the functions are also similar to Nest, it can collect the user’s indoor temperature and humidity data, learn user’s habits automatically adjust the temperature, to save electricity.


Lyric second generation thermostat is designed with a rounded shape like the Nest thermostat and it has a three inches polishing glass surface, which can clearly display the current and target temperature.


From the picture above we can see there are just two buttons on the front face, a button to switch the mode of “home” and “away”. Another button is temperature forecasts. In addition, Lyric can also learn user’s habits automatically adjust the temperature, to save electricity. In order to better compete with Nest, Honeywell Lyric thermostat even includes humidity automatically adjusts function. It adjusts the room’s temperature according to indoor and outdoor temperature. For example, when the humidity is too high, it can be adapted to reduce the humidity.

Of course, if you wish to operate on the screen, remember that it supports controlled by touch and motion with its sensors inside.


By supporting HomeKit application, the user can control Lyric at home or a remote place. This device can respond to Siri voice commands, and can interact with other HomeKit products at your home.

The automatic temperature control based on the LBS can easily set the temperature to your comfortable level. Additional functions like alert notification, if the owner is away from home, when extreme temperature changes it can give you a smart alert.

Honeywell Lyric is no c wire  wifi thermostat, you don’t need to check if your heating or cooling system has a C-wire.

On the other hand, Lyric 2nd generation didn’t change much compared with the 1st one except the support for HomeKit, still support Samsung SmartThings. However, this upgrade means much to Honeywell. Finally it has a product that can compete with Nest. Although there is a variety of HomeKit thermostats in the market, but most of them are with an ugly appearance, and most of the companies lack of experience and strength compared with Honeywell. HomeKit needs more high-quality choices to support for it. Otherwise some consumers with high requirements will choose the Nest.



  •  A smaller temperature swing range (1 degree vs. Nest’s 3)
  • Geofencing technology to know you are home or not while Nest uses motion detection
  • Open API for developers
  • Attractive design
  • Easy setup
  • Supports multi-stage heating and cooling systems
  • Better customer support




  • No data tracking
  • Lacks C-wire, needs a AAA Lithium battery and need to change every 2 month
  • The thermostat and its mobile app can be difficult to use
  • Doesn’t work with all routers
  • No control lock
  • No web portal


Compared Lyric with Nest

Features Nest Lyric
Remote Control: PC, Tablet, Smartphone Tablet, Smartphone
Power Source: Self recharging battery & 20 to 30 V C, Y1, or W1 wire Battery and optional 24 V C wire
Automated Modes: Self Learning Geofencing
Size: 3″ Diameter 3.75″ Diameter
Extreme Temperature Alerts: No Yes
Easy Modes: Away, Sleeping Away, Sleeping
7 Day Programmable: Yes – but Learning mode can’t run when programmed Yes
Coordinates with other devices: Nest Protect Not yet – but has HomeKit compatibility
Filter Change Reminders: Yes Yes
Effective Price: Check on Amazon Check on Amazon
Best Deals:
Manufacturer Website: Nest Lyric


After the thermostat was installed, you just need to set up iOS or Android applications. Lyric can know whenever you leave your home or not, if you are not at home. It can select heating or cooling according to your perspective “no pattern”. In addition, Lyric also allows the user to set two types of fences. One is 500 feet from the outside (for city residents), and the other is seven miles from the outdoors (for the suburbs households). Through geofencing technology, Lyric is able to decide when to adjust the indoor temperature.

Ecobee3 Smart WiFi Thermostat

Ecobee3 and Echobee4 Multiple Zones Thermostat with Remote Sensor Review 2017

Room sensors, a slick design, usage data from the free HomeIQ service, the Ecobee3 Smart WiFi Thermostat with remote sensor is a smarter, more advanced thermostat. It makes it easy to schedule and control over your HVAC system, this ensure your home always at the right temperature. The Ecobee multiple zones thermostat uses remote sensors to find which room you’re in and then control the temperature as you like. This allows you to configure separate heating zones in your home.  It comes with one free remote sensor, if you want more you must buy them, you can add up to 32 sensors. The Ecobee3 has a modern look that’s just as attractive.

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Ecobee multiple zones Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat

Square with rounded corners, the face of the 3.9 x 3.9-inch Ecobee is glossy black plastic, with a 3.5-inch QVGA touch screen in the middle. The ecobee has a design like most wifi thermostats: simple but useful hardware design, touch screens,  it’s sleek, minimalistic and highly intuitive. On the surface, ecobee3’s small square design is one of the easiest and most beautiful in the industry. It has a motion sensor, which is helpful to detects if you’re in a room or not.


Auto scheduling with no programming needed.

Nest app allows for remote access.

Auto-away automatically adjusts the thermostat’s temperature.

Weight of just 1.3 pounds.

Dimensions of 3.3” x 3.3” x 1.2”.

Stainless steel finish.

2-year limited warranty on parts.

Reduces heating bills by 10-12%, and cooling bills by 15%.

Built-in rechargeable battery.

Wi-Fi connectivity.



Larger screen

Far-field sensor, which can notice you are in or not

Smart and Learning ability, automatically adjusts your home’s temperature

Motion Sensors can help you save money and energy.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Usage Reports: Detailed reports

No C-Wire Required:

3-Year Warranty


Cost extra money for remote sensors.



ecobee3 remote control Apps

Ecobee multiple zones smart WiFi Thermostat with remote sensor doesn’t have built-in batteries, it draws power from your HVAC system’s Common wire (C-wire). If you don’t have a C-wire Ecobee provides a Power Extender Kit that connects to your furnace. The ecobee3 uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and other equipment. It is designed with a “45 minute install”, if you follow the instructions carefully, this is possible.

Steps to follow if you want to install it by yourself:

Step 1: Kill the Power to your HVAC

Make sure you disconnect the dumb, it will be dangerous if you don’t.

Step 2: Connect Thermostat Wiring

You must understand a little about thermostat wiring first, then do as the manual guides. You can learn more about c-wire at here.

Step 3: Remove Your Old Thermostat, then replace it with the Ecobee3.

Search online for instructions on removing your particular model if this is the first time you do this work

Step 4: Connect the “C” Wire or Power Extender Kit according to your situation.

Step 5: Plug In and Power your ecobee3

Click here to see the ecobee guides on

This is a short guidance about install a ecobee3, if you want detailed steps, watch the video here.

Energy Management

Lots of useful energy-management features make ecobee3 one of the best programmable thermostats. According to ecobee, their customers on average save 23% on their heating and cooling bills. Ecobee3’s auto-scheduling feature, DataRhythm Technology evaluates all the factors that will increase your energy cost, and then adjust itself to save energy while give you a comfortable environment at home.

ecobee3 report

Help & Support

Ecobee has a good support, if you have any problem, you can ask on the online forum, give them a phone call or email them. Ecobee3 provides a three-year warranty which is longer than average.


Update 2017/10/16

Ecobee 4 thermostat with remote sensor was released this year, the new Ecobee4 added built-in Alexa Voice Service so that it can work with amazon Alexa, this means you can control the Ecobee4 with no operation but voice. Other functions are the same with ecobee3.

The difference is the shape and interface, Ecobee 4 is larger and thicker than ecobee3, and the power extender are not the same. And the mounting plate of Ecobee4 is smaller, so you can’t replace the old one with nothing change.