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The Best Z-Wave Door Sensors Review 2017

The Best Z-Wave Door Sensors Review 2017  The door sensor is an important element of the wireless security alarm system. It provides instant activation at the slightest opening of the door and then sends an alert to the user’s device. Of course, the presence of such devices on the front door in the house gives you a distinct advantage and an... Read More »

Best Thermostat for reptiles Review

  Terrarium animals, unlike birds and mammals, have unstable body temperature. Therefore, they are very dependent on the temperature of their habitat. For the normal life, terrarium animals need a temperature range appropriate to their biological needs. When overheated animals suffer from heat and dehydration, and at lower temperatures, they have disturbed digestion and growth,... Read More »

Thermostat cover plate Review

Reliability and safety of household electrical appliances are composed of a variety of factors. In particular, the functionality and durability depend primarily on the quality of components. Originally, it’s not worth saving on such things, because in the future, it can be very costly. Electricity resources used by mankind for a long time and quite... Read More »


TOP 3 BEST DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER OF 2017Nowadays, the use of temperature controlling units has been increased throughout the world as it is considered to be an eminent tool for controlling the temperature of mainly electrical appliances. The thermostat works as sensing the temperature of a system so that the temperature is maintained up to the desired target usually called as setpoint.... Read More »

Best Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch For Home Automation 2016

“Smartness is the need of an hour” and it applies to both humans as well as devices. The only thing mostly matters nowadays is how smart you are to understand the latest technology trends. Each day when you wake up, there is always an up gradation in technology; no matters how small or big it... Read More »

Reviews of Best Baseboard Heater Thermostat

Setting the room temperature controllers allow you to create a comfortable micro-climate and operation of heating equipment, as well as reduce the energy consumption and save on energy bills. Moreover, it’s a great step to the green living. Despite the fact that nowadays, there are a huge variety of household thermostats, you may not find... Read More »

What is C-Wire and Guide to the Thermostat C-Wire

If you have read some of my reviews on this website, you may notice that lots of wireless thermostats need a c-wire support in order to work properly. What is C-Wire? And what’s the different between C-Wire and normal wire? Most people don’t know anything about C-wire, I have done some research in this respect,... Read More »

DIY Home Automation System With Limited Budget

DIY Home Automation System With Limited BudgetDIY Home Automation System is getting more and more popular. Though cost much time, DIV can save a lot of money. I will share my experiences about creating an home automation system of their own. Hope what I share is useful information to you. Feature Planning: The First Step in DIY Home Automation Design Nowadays... Read More »

Open Source Home Automation, An Inexpensive Home Automation Solution

What is Open Source Home Automation?   Open Source means that the hardwares of the system are based on open-source components. Compared with commercial home automation systems, which are expensive, can’t modify anything or add your own parts, an open source home automation makes it possible to chose brand, sensors as you like. And the biggest advantage of open source is its cheap price compared with most of home automation products on the market. You can click here to learn more open source home automation products. Open Source Home Automation will makes it easier for more potential users to set up a professional home automation system. Open Source Home Automation also can be compatible with many popular home automation technologies. And it can make separate home automation projects with different protocols communicate with each other, X10 motion sensors, can work with Insteon lights and bluetooth phones seamlessly. The fetures of open source home automation: Simple and Extendible  it is easy to use and extend its functions with other automation hardware and software. easy for devlopers Plugin architecture Easy to understand API Open source plugin examples Google and Apple enter the home automation field in 2014. And there are many big heavy hitters in the field like Nest, SmartThings. Their solutions are easy to use and have good technical support, but their products are a little bit expensive. There are also a number of smaller companies and open-source-group offer open source solutions for customers, they show us what a home automation can be capable of. Five famous open source home automation projects: 1.BREW YOUR OWN SOLUTION It is started by Dan Watford, his original aim is to solve the problem with brewing ales. 2.IT’S A DOG’S LIFE This project was started out as a team competition at a group. It’s a canine-related home automation project built byTsai, with the GPS collar enables to find dogs, and a temperature gauge to know whether it is hot or cold at the pets house. 3.WATER WAY TO GO This project was started by John Schuch after he received a monthly water bill for $8000, but he didn’t found a smart device on the market can meet his needs, so he started to make his own solution. 4.OPENHAB OPENHAB is coding in Java and OSGi. It offers users a vendor- and technology-agnostic open source solution that is easy to maintain and simply extendable. 5.HOME ASSISTANT HOME ASSISTANT is a Python 3-based home automation hub created by software engineer Paulus Schoutsen.... Read More »

Mi Casa Verde Veralite Home Controller Review 2016

Mi Casa Verde Veralite Home Controller Review 2016Which is the best home automation controller 2016? The one we chose is  MiCasa Verde VeraLite. So here is a Mi Casa Verde Veralite home controller Review. VeraLite is a home automation Controller.VeraLite make it easy to control the lights, thermostats, curtain and other products of your home automation system. It is simple to setup and use,... Read More »

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