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Radiant Floor Heating Progamble Thermostat Review 2017

1.Nuheat Home Radiant Floor Heating Dual Voltage Progamble Thermostat Review 2017

Nuheat Home Radiant Floor Heating Dual Voltage Progamble Thermostat is a 7-day programmable electric floor heating thermostat exclusively designed by Nuheat. It has a high-resolution 3.5″ color touchscreen display and it can be programmed to control nearly any electric radiant floor heating system under stone, tile, laminate, and engineered wood floors. It supports all dual voltage which means they can be used with either 120 or 240 volt heating systems.

Nuheat Home Radiant Floor Heating Dual Voltage Progamble Thermostat  is 4 x 4 x 7 in in dimension, it is easy to install, and it is energy efficient, you can see the energy usage on the touch screen as it has a energy usage monitor. And it can be controlled using a variety of programmable and non-programmable thermostat options.

This thermostat has a temperature sensor which should be put on the floor before tiling, when you install it, don’t forget it. If this is the first time you use Nuheat floor heating system, better you read the directions and watch the guide videos.

It looks and installs just like OJ Microline’s thermostat UWG4-4999, so this will be a good choice if you want to replace for UWG4-4999.


  • Does not have is a separate thermometer for the room beside the floor temperature.


  • Dual-voltage; compatible with 120V and 240V systems
  • 3 year warranty
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2.OJ Electronics UDG-4999,Underfloor Heating Programmable Thermostat with GFCI, Includes Floor Sensor

UDG-4999 is a touch thermostat for electric underfloor heating, it has a sleek design and is intuitive control designed for easy installation. It is a programmable thermostat with 2 sensors:floor sensor and built-in room sensor. This thermostat programming is now based on 6-event days copying one day schedule to any other day with a single operation, and you can set 4 settings/day;.  If you have a consistent schedule, this programmable thermostat will deliver a maximum level of comfort when you need it most, like during your morning routine, while still keeping your overall energy use to a minimum. Includes floor sensor.

The UDG4-4999 thermostat represents a harmonious blend of style and usability.  It support universal voltage, suitable for 120V or 240V applications. Theoutput relay is 15A. Its energy consumption monitor function allows you to check the energy consumption for as long as 365 days. The temperature control  ranges from +41 to +104°F (+5/+40°C), and the accuracy: is ±0.7°F/0.4°C which is very accurate.


Not so easy to setting the schedule


Easy to install

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3.Honeywell TH115-AF-GA/U Radiant Heating 120/240V Programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor and GFCI

Honeywell TH115-AF-GA/U is a programmable thermostats with a large backlit LCD are available with 5 mA GFCIs or 15 mA EGFPDs. It can work on 240V or 120V as it is a dual voltage thermostat.The main difference between TH115-AF-120S and a GFCI TH115-AF-GA is a 5mA built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. If your floor thermostat is with GFCI it will be safer as it likes having an additional high-sensitivity circuit breaker in the system. If you use a underfloor thermostat in your shower room or kitchen, then a GFCI thermostat is better as it will safely shut down the system when the thermostat line short-circuit. This thermostat is easy to use and the set of programming options is nice, it works well with radiant heat. This is the best selling Honeywell radiant floor heating progamble thermostat.


Instructions are a little lacking


Built in GFCI

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4.Nuheat Element Non Programmable 120/240V Radiant Floor Heating Thermostat GFCI and LCD Display

This is a non-programmable digital radiant floor heating programmble thermostat with simple “up” or “down” control of any electric floor heating system. It is an easy to use,and it can be used for simple up/down temperature control of any electric floor heating system. This is a dual voltage capable thermostat so both 120/240V will be OK.  The resistive load is 1800W at 120VAC and 3600W at 240VAC. With UL approved 15 Amp Class A GFCI protection built-in, it is safe to use everywhere in your house.


non programmable


Simple to use

No battery needed

Built-in GFCI

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LuxPRO Thermostat PSP511LC and PSD010B Review 2017


Company LuxPRO is one of the leading manufacturers of the temperature controllers. Due to the great attention paid to the quality of products, their customers receive the highest quality products. Today, let’s have a closer look at two of them PSP511LC and PSD010B.


LuxPRO PSP511LC 5-2 Day Deluxe Programmable Thermostat


LuxPRO PSP511LC is a programmable home thermostat designed for effective control of the heating system, which allows you to maintain the optimum temperature when you are at home and saves energy in your absence. The pleasant fact is that temperature control range of this model is wide enough: 7-32°C or 45-90°F.


By purchasing the PSP511LC, you will get different temperature regimes during the day for weekdays and weekends. For example, you can set the temperature reduction in the daytime on weekdays during the period of your absence, and temperature increase to the set level before you return home. Due to such use of the timer, you can avoid wasting heat.


The universalism, ease of operation and programmability allow the use of temperature control in almost all 24v gas, oil, electric heating and cooling systems including single stage heat pumps. LuxPRO PSP511LC thermostat allows you to significantly reduce energy consumption thanks to improved signal transmission system and a modern microprocessor.


Thanks to the informative display with a blue backlit and intuitively understandable interface, the control process of LuxPRO thermostat is very simple. The display shows the current temperature, time, and day of the week.

With a light touch the user can easily open a lid under the screen, and there all the necessary buttons for programming the device are located. Thus, this foldable lid hides the control buttons and makes the design of thermostat attractive and simple at the same time.


The distinctive feature of a programmable thermostat is a timer that allows setting the temperature increase and decrease periods.

The programmable mode provides the possibility to set up to four time periods with different temperatures on weekdays, as well as for the weekend. In addition to the five-day mode (5/2), it is possible to program separate settings for cooling and heating systems. The LuxPRO thermostat ensures a comfortable temperature in each of the indicated periods and saves energy by reducing the heating temperature when people are not at home.


The power supply is provided by 2 AA batteries, which are included in the initial kit. According to the reviews, some users found this uncomfortable, but that a minor disadvantage as the device can work on batteries for a very long period of time. It can maintain a comfortable climate with the accuracy up to 0.25°F. And for the user’s comfort, the manufacturer has provided an adjustable temperature differential starting from 2.25°F.


Based on reviews of the owners of LuxPRO PSP511LC thermostat, the device is very fast and easy to install in the house. They also note the ease of programming and adjustment process, which can be an important criterion for those who do not want to buy an abstruse product. Thus, for a reasonable price, you are getting a high-quality programmable temperature controller, which allows controlling the climate in the room in a very simple and effective way. Waking up in the morning, you will not have to run to the boiler or thermostat and adjust the temperature to warm the house. You’ll immediately find yourself at a comfortable temperature.

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LuxPro Digital 2 Wire Heat Only Thermostat – PSD010B


LuxPro Digital 2 Wire Heat Only Thermostat provides a control of room temperature according to your needs and creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere at your home, and a unique minimalist design perfectly complements your interior. Also, the use of this thermostat can achieve energy savings of up to 30%.


Non-programmable LuxPro PSD010B thermostat works perfectly with the very different heating systems, for example, millivolt systems including wall heaters and fireplaces, some gas and oil systems with no fan, and 24V 2 wire heating-only and hydronic systems. Lack of compatibility with the cooling system can be a significant drawback for some users. This model of thermostat is powered by two AA batteries that come with a device. This greatly simplifies the need to install the thermostat near the AC outlet.


The thermostat constantly maintains a user-defined temperature. PSD010B has a very simple control process. The small display with a backlight shows the current temperature. The desired temperature is set using the control buttons, which are located to the right of the screen.

Pressing the “Up” or “Down” arrow buttons activates the control, so push them to set the desired temperature. When you release the button, the screen will return to the current temperature. In this case, it is not necessary to worry, in a couple of seconds, the thermostat will activate the heating device, and it will run until reaches a predetermined temperature. By the way, the buttons are pleasant to the touch.


In reviews of this device, the owners indicate the ease of installation, which is possible thanks to only two wires provided. You do not need to spend half a day learning the wires connection plan or call a master to install the device. It’s all very simple.


LuxPro Digital 2 Wire Heat Only Thermostat is a simple device with the digital accuracy that costs less than $50, but it copes with all the set tasks very well. You can be sure that the temperature is maintained at the required level.


Despite its simplicity, the device has a nice design, which is much more pleasant than the old-school mechanical sliders models of thermostats. So you get a reliable stylish device and a comfortable climate in your home.

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Best Programmable Thermostat under $100, Honeywell RTH7500D and RTH7600D

Very often, when we are thinking about thermostats for our houses or apartments, the company Honeywell comes to mind, as its history begins with the invention of the first coal thermostat. Today, the wide range of products of this company includes also thermostats with new technologies, which, for example, allow the user to set different temperature regimes for every day of the week. This 7-day programmable thermostat line is presented by an excellent example – Honeywell RTH7500D. This device will help to maintain the comfortable temperature for consumer anytime thanks to availability to customize 4 different temperature settings during the day, 7 days a week. The designers of this model took into consideration the preferences of users that like pushing buttons instead of having a touch screen control. Of course, the price tag of RTH7500D is a little bit lower compared to thermostats with touch screen technology. This is the best programmable thermostat under $100

(RTH5700D have the manual and the users can download it here)


Advantages and Disadvantages of Installation Process

Despite the fact that according to the Honeywell company, thermostats perfectly match a wide variety of both cooling and heating systems, some consumers with complex installations have experienced problems with defining the right wiring configuration. The manufacturer took care of that and marked the device with stickers for each wire. RTH7500D goes with a user manual, which explains terminology, so the programming process is very simple and fast. There is also an option to maintain the temperature at a single level. In this case, the system will turn on and off the heater or cooler automatically as needed. Such feature is very helpful when the user is staying at home the whole day.

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Practical Button Control

Some consumers consider Honeywell RTH7500D user-friendlier than thermostats that use touch screen technology because of button interface. The special “dim” mode will help to save the battery life of the device, as the screen will not be illuminated until you press a button. On this screen, the user can see the temperature regime and time at the moment as well as the pre-set temperature. There are also temperature control buttons and buttons to set the clock, one of three fan regimes, and for scheduling menu. Honeywell RTH7500D has a clearly readable display and user-friendly interface.

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Review of Honeywell RTH7600D


Some models of Honeywell thermostats are compatible not only with the household heating or cooling systems but also with heat pumps. RTH7600D is the representative of such product group. It’s possible thanks to the sophisticated programming options of the device.

(RTH7600D have the manual and the users can download it here)

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Easy to use and control the temperature

RTH7600D is very easy to use because the user just needs to choose the desired temperature and set it on the device. The thermostat will do the rest. It will automatically turn on and off the heating or cooling systems to maintain the pre-set temperature. RTH7600D model has clearly readable screen and it’s also easy controllable. In their reviews, the users stated that some troubles might occur because the thermostat should use text in place of the numbered codes. All these codes are clearly interpreted in the manual, so any difficulties should not arise. Possibility to set reminders is one of the features that was highlighted in reviews. Thus, the user will not forget to change filters and batteries timely. Thanks to its energy consumption economy, you won’t need to change the batteries very often as the screen turns off the light 8 seconds after the last command.


User-friendly interface

RTH7600D is a high-quality 7-day programmable thermostat with various settings available to ensure that the user will have the desired temperature at home. One of the most distinguishing features of this model is “recovery”. The system will be “sleeping”, while the user is out of the home, but it will also “recovery” by the time the user will come back if this time was pre-set.

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Best Lux Thermostat, Tx500U And TX1500E Review 2017


Are you fed up with the mounting electricity bills… and looking for an energy efficient device to customize your home temperatures according to your requirements?? So, now it’s time to make a green n eco- friendly advancement!! Lux thermostat products are a great choice. Lux products not only control your room temperatures but also keep your bills under control. Lux offers a wide range of thermostat devices which are energy- efficient, very much affordable and eye- catching. These are very easy to install and operate. The two worth appreciating Lux products are: TX500U Universal 5-2 Programmable Thermostat and TX1500E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat.

This article will give a detailed description about these two Lux thermostat products including different customers’ ratings and reviews so that you can make an informed and well- versed buying decision.

Lux Products TX500U Universal 5-2 Programmable Thermostat Review

Lux Products TX500U
Lux Products TX500U

Lux TX500U Universal 5-2 Programmable Thermostat is an apt choice when you’re looking for an energy saver device that allows you to lower or raise the temperature as and when you want. This product comes with a smart keyboard lockout feature hat denies unauthorized users to access your device. Another striking feature is that it automatically changes the temperature to manage your bills.

It has digital programming system with touch keys that allow you to adjust heating and cooling yourself without any complications. It has a large lighted display that makes it easy to view the readings anyway!

Lux TX500U Universal 5-2 Programmable Thermostat specifications:

  • 3-year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • It is compatible with all the systems universally except for electric baseboard heat.
  • Smart n Secure because of keyboard lockout feature.
  • Large backlit display.
  • Automated temperature adjusting system.
  • Air filter life timer included.
  • Precise digital temperature control.
  • Display height: 1.188 inches, display width: 2 inches.
  • Single and multi-stage heat pumps.
  • Distinct weekday and weekend programs with 2 or 4 periods per day.
  • Easy programming with Lux speed slide.


  • The device has no complex operations rather it is very easy to install and operate on. The user manual guides users step by step.
  • It is very much cost effective.
  • It can be used with all heating and cooling systems universally with single and multi-stage heat pumps.


  • It cannot be used on electric baseboard heat (120/240 V).
  • It is not compatible with systems having 2 cooling stages.

Customer rating and reviews:


Lux TX500U universal 5-2 programmable thermostat has received a very pleasant response from customers. Most of the users who upgraded to this product found it much better than before. Users highly recommend this product because it is very easy to use and worth the cost. Many customers reviewed the product at Amazon and some of the reviews are:


“I have been using this Lux thermostat from 7 months now and it is wonderful experience. What is amazing about it that it lowered my electricity bills up to $2o- $ changes temperature when I leave for work and right before I get back as per I’ve programmed it. I can make a different schedule for weekends as well. A temperature settings feature for vacations…that is amazing!!  Well the filter and battery monitor is also a superb feature. ”



“I upgraded to this Lux thermostat after using a 15 year old. Brilliant for the price I paid. The large characters on the bright display allow me to read through the dark hall way. I’m fine with this because it saves my energy cost.”

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Lux Products TX1500E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat Review

Lux Products TX1500E
Lux Products TX1500E

This smart temp programmable thermostat is a great deal if you’re looking forward to cut down your energy costs and want to do something for a greener environment. This thermostat device reduces your utility expenses by adjusting temperature during off-peak hours.

It can save up to 33% on your energy bills which can be about $180 over a year. It employs 24V heating and air- conditioning systems in usage. It works well with single stage heating n cooling heat pumps.

It has many user-friendly features. It comes with a big, electroluminescent display which enables the users to clearly view the present day, temperature and filter status. It also has a humidity indicator on it which can be viewed by pressing the button fixed on the front panel of the device.

You can also save your programming settings that you can use on your weekends or vacations. Easy programming allows setting up programs for 4 different periods per day: morning, afternoon, evening and night.

It has a keyboard lockout feature for protection from unauthorized users. You can also set u filter usage limit and the residual filter life will be displayed in calendar days or percentage.

TX1500E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat specs:

  • The kit includes a programmable thermostat, mounting hardware, and a user manual.
  • Easy programming with speed dial feature.
  • Easy reading with great Electro-luminescent display.
  • A smart device with digital humidity display indicator.
  • A convenient filter life adjustment programming.
  • Easy to use.
  • HOLD feature that allows overriding temperature.
  • Separate programming schedules for weekdays and weekends.
  • Cut down energy costs by 33%.


  • Highly energy- efficient.


  • Small font temperature display.

Customer rating & reviews:

Many customers have rated and reviewed TX1500E Smart Temp Programmable Thermostat on Amazon. Most of the customers are happy with their purchase and found the product helpful. Some of the customer reviews are:


“TX1500E smart temp is very easy to program and I and my husband both are very happy with our new thermostat. Its distinct features allow me to set any temperature I want. For example, on Saturday morning if I want to set the temperature to 68 while munching my breakfast I can do with the amazing HOLD feature and reset it back to normal to previous programming settings with the same button.”                    Larvey

“It is an exceptional item. The installation process was quite simple and trouble free. We installed it after watching few YouTube videos and programmed to our specifications in about 30 minutes.”


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Lux thermostat products are the right choice for you if you’re looking for a brand new thermostat device to match up your specifications!! You can select any one of the above given Lux thermostat models as per your requirement and budget.