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Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Review

Company Schneider Electric is changing traditional notions of your home’s energy. Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is a stand-alone device for maintaining control over the temperature inside your home, which implements the control through the transfer of signals through your home Wi-Fi network. The unlimited number of zones setting allows controlling the heating according to your schedule. So, from now on the heating becomes completely invisible as the management interface is now on the user’s smartphone or tablet, and a thermostat can be mounted in an inconspicuous place. But of course, you are unlikely to do so after a glance at the stylish design of Wiser Air. Its glossy black case will be a great decoration of the room. Moreover, thanks to the screen backlight, the device shows the current status. For example, when there is no one next to the thermostat, the screen is turned off, and as soon as you pass by, it can light up in blue, yellow, light blue, or green colors, which consequently means cooling, heating, off, or Eco IQ mode.

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The process of installation and connection of the device is very simple and does not require a master intervention. The tutorial video is available directly on the website of Wiser Air. After, just to connect the thermostat to the home WiFi network, install the app, and scan QR code or type in the code from the screen. Further simply adjust the temperature according to your wishes and rhythm of life. The number of connected devices is not limited because Wiser Air integrates with IFTTT. It is suitable for any systems such as heat pumps, HVAC systems as well as for areas with central heating.


Easy and intuitive user interface allows you to change the heating mode according to your lifestyle. No more complicated buttons, only one movement of a finger and it’s warm and cozy in your home. This type of control is an indubitable advantage because you can adjust the temperature in the house from any point of the globe.


Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is equipped with Eco IQ function – the intelligent guesses about user preferences. Thanks to the installation of this new supplement of Schneider Electric, the users no longer need to constantly enter the desired temperature, as it tends to be for the vast majority of smart thermostats on the market today. If the users of Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat experience discomfort, now they only need to provide a feedback. The new function will guess about the optimum temperature for users, quickly teach Eco IQ, and send a feedback signal to create a comfortable heating or cooling mode.


Schneider Electric Wiser Air Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is a great and economical way to manage home’s energy system. In thermostat settings, the user can select the priority: saving money over comfort or comfort over saving money. There is also a possibility to stay in between. According to calculations, the clever use of capabilities of this device will save about 23% of the energy used by the modern climate system during the year. Thus, Schneider Electric offers a way to significantly reduce the utility costs.

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Honeywell RTH8580WF Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat Review 2017

For the full functionality of any system, a necessary condition is the existence of the control. For the heating systems, this element is a thermostat. Currently, the user can find a huge variety of thermostats on the market, including mechanical, non-programmable, programmable, and others. Thermostat Honeywell RTH8580WF with a weekly program is designed to maintain a constant temperature of the heating devices in a predetermined range. The device is controlled by a temperature sensor, which measures and displays the temperature level.

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Programmable electronic room thermostat Honeywell RTH8580WF allows you to choose the right and comfortable temperature at all times, it is easy to reconfigure and change the mode of operation. The timer allows you to set different heating parameters for each day of the week, which can be useful for people working part time or in shifts. Moreover, thanks to a control via the app on the mobile device or PC, you can change the parameters even if you’re away from home. The main settings are supplemented with the additional ones that will be appreciated by the advanced users. So you can set up to receive alerts via email or phone in case of high or low temperature. Of course, you have an access to control fan via the app and watch the weather forecast for the current location.

Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat is easy to connect and it allows controlling all heating systems, heat pumps, and air conditioning systems with a c-wire. The exception is heat pumps with electric baseboard heat with the control voltage of 120-240 volts. For each day of the week, 4 separate temperature program can be set. The important distinctive feature is the excellent accuracy of the device, which equals to +/- 1 degree F. Thus, you can be sure to have a higher level of comfort.


This programmable thermostat allows setting individual heating regulations for each day in accordance with the way of life and to maintain the temperature of the house at all times, regardless of the presence or absence of the hosts. For those who are taking care of their energy costs, the thermostat Honeywell RTH8580WF is pre-programmed with energy savings schedule. In a case of vacation, it is possible to turn the temporary away mode.


On the thermostat display and remote control applications, the user can see the current status of the energy system, the temperature – current and pre-installed for the next period. Setting work schedules can be made not only via the mobile apps but also directly on the thermostat, which is equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Honeywell RTH8580WF has an excellent design, so it can become an integral decoration of the room interior. It’s important to mention that all the equipment from the Honeywell company is characterized by high reliability and safety. The unique design, an intuitive interface, and control thanks to WiFi connection – all these makes Honeywell RTH8580WF the perfect new generation device.

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Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat Review 2017

If you are smart enough in the age of emerging technologies, then you must know about the highly exalted technology “Internet of Things” . The Home Automation technology like Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat gives you a perfect example of this tech. It allows you to maintain your home/work temperature from any part of the world with just a single click on your smart device. You can manage heating and cooling of your place in a very comfortable way. If you are looking for an affordable and latest tech oriented thermostat, then you landed on the right page.

Insteon Thermostats
Insteon Thermostats

Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat works on a dual mesh topology network which means each and every device autonomously transmits, receives and repeat peer to peer messages. You can control home’s air conditioned temperature from anywhere either you are sitting in another room or you are at work. It simply connects to your smartphone so the control functions are available with just a simple tap. You can even adjust your home temperature from miles away that saves your time and money. This remote control thermostat conveniently connects with Apple watch and Amazon Alexa for voice controls. Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat works in a very smooth way to control your home temperature in a very desired way.

Company Description:

Insteon is a very popular brand which deals in Home Autonomous Network protocols. It was invented and registered trademark of Smartlabs, Inc. It is correlated with the energetic-connected atmosphere known as Internet of Things. During January 2015, Insteon declared a gateway to interconnect its automation devices with Apple’s Home kit system. The company also deals in various services like wall switches and light bulbs but the best technology we have so far is remote control thermostat.

Insteon gives you a full encryption of autonomous messages. Every message undergoes with programmable error detection and correction to improve the reliability of the network. If you are thinking to upgrade your home Automation Technology, then Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat is highly recommended due to its specifications:

Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat Specifications:

  • Works efficiently with Amazon Alexa for voice controls.
  • The manufacturer offers you a 2-year limited warranty.
  • The settings are programmable for seven days including weekdays and weekends.
  • It weighs around just 7.2 ounces.
  • Comes with non-volatile memory so works well after power failures.
  • Gives you a smart look with its digital display.
  • Connects to Apple watch comfortably for one touch controlling.
  • Control the flow of conditioned air by room basis with duct dampers.
  • Micro-modules and vintage millivolt heaters directly integrated with line voltage systems.
  • Dimensional features: – Height: 3.6 inches, Width: 5.7 inches.
  • Circulate conditioned air by spinning up ceiling fan automatically.
  • The body is made up of UV stabilized plastic material so it categorized as a lightweight product.
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Some of the pros and cons of Insteon Remote Control Wall Thermostat are as follows:


  • This thermostat doesn’t have excess looking buttoned technology so it gives you a clean look while mounted on the wall or in standing table.
  • It is very reliable thermostat if you get a good unit.
  • It reduces your electricity bills as it automatically off your A/C when desired room temperature is reached.
  • The controls are available with a single touch as the device can connect with Apple watch.
  • Amazon Alexa also offers their voice control technology to users.
  • The temperature and humidity can be adjusted if we receive inaccurate straight from the box.
  • This thermostat reduces the complexities of installations. User manual guide will guides you with very friendly installation steps.


  • The switches are a little slower.
  • Non-intuitive interface.
  • Out of the box, adjustment of temperature and humidity is necessary as it mostly comes with inaccurate figures.


Customer Rating and Reviews:

Insteon remote control wall thermostat gains a very positive response from users after looking at its impressive specifications. Moreover, many existing thermostat users are shifting to this product because it is also worth the cost with upgraded technology. Here are some customer reviews from different websites:

“This thing is great. I installed it with the rest of my Insteon system at our mountain cabin.

Running indigo, I turn up my heat on the way in for the weekend, wrote some script to send me a warning if the temperature falls below a certain level.

Adequately documented, installed it myself and I have been fully satisfied with features and performance.”

Michael Hassey

“Thermostat is mostly easy to use and works great with the app. Must be handy to install. However, an easier way (i.e. via a website) to load / program different temps at different times would be ideal. It is cumbersome to do on the thermostat itself and I started over several times.”

Renee I Review

”Works well with Insteon hub and Amazon echo. Hoping Echo will add even more flexibility, but right now just the fact that I can tell Alexa to “set thermostat 2 degrees lower” without having to get out of bed in the middle of the night is worth the price paid. Pretty easy to install, even if the directions are a little vague. If I had a complaint, it would be those vague instructions. Other than that, love it, especially the fact that no batteries are required.”

                                                            Don, Smarthome’s Review

“Good piece of equipment but needs some improvements.
– It’s hard to read the LCD from angle compared to the old digital ones.
– All options are not available in app and most of the settings need to be done on Thermostat – Like day Modes, Time and Day setting (Which is a default features in all Wi-Fi thermostats)”

Salar, Smarthome’s Review

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If you’re willing to spend some bucks to upgrade Home Automation Networks, then Insteon Remote Control Thermostat is the best choice right now with an upgraded technology and cost worthy price. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the fastest growing technology in the history of the tech-based era. In this article, we discussed about one of the most emerging and hyper-connected technologies in the category of IoT i.e. Insteon Home Automation Technology. This device is specially designed for those who want to remain in touch with their home temperature controls to save highly mounted electricity bills. The controls of this thermostat are available on every smart device in a single tap. It doesn’t matter now if you’re miles away from your home/office or hiding under the covers in cold winter days, the temperature is adjustable from anywhere and makes your home comfortable all the time.