Mi Casa Verde Veralite Home Controller Review 2016

Mi Casa Verde Veralite Home Controller Review 2016

Which is the best home automation controller 2016? The one we chose is  MiCasa Verde VeraLite. So here is a Mi Casa Verde Veralite home controller Review.

VeraLite is a home automation Controller.VeraLite make it easy to control the lights, thermostats, curtain and other products of your home automation system. It is simple to setup and use, meanwhile it is inexpensive. The size of it is quite small, the product dimensions size is 4.6 x 1.7 x 3.7 inches.

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The manufacturer announced that VeraLite is the most flexible, powerful and affordable of all the controllers. sales volume demonstrate how popular it is, it is the most well selling Controller in the online market.
VeraLite has a very user-friendly UI, the UI make it easy to setup and run. And VeraLite access support control from any remote places as long as you connect it to the Internet. VeraLite has a excellent compatibility, so you can just plug devices into the home automation system regardless of the manufacturer.

What can VeraLite do and why you need a VeraLite?

To most people, the first reason to buy a VeraLite is they can save money and save time, and second,it can make your home more secure.
VeraLite will show you energy consumption in real time, and reduct waste by tailor it. VeraLite can manage cameras, controls door locks and other smart devices in your home, it can manage nearly 60 devices at the same time. And it can automatically change the temperature to your comfort.
VeraLite is a simplified product of  Vera3. They have the same UI,and most of their functions are same, the difference is the processing capacity. If your don’t have a wireless router, Vera3 is the choice, otherwise VeraLite is enough.
Compared with Nexia, another famous home automation manufacturer, MiCasa Verde’s products get a cheaper price and VeraLite has no fees paid month by month. In addition Vera have much more compatibility with Z-wave devices while Nexia is short on this compatibility.


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