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Review of Philips Hue bulb and Philips Hue Tap Switch 2016

What is Philips Hue? Philips hue is a series of smart bulbs manufatured by Philips, hue contains 5 seperate products, Hue, Hue Lux, Friens of Hue,Hue Beyond, Hue Tap. Experts say this is the future of lighting. Philips Hue is a bulb with chipset inside it, which make it can be connected to the Wi-Fi... Read More »

Amazon Echo,one of the best home automation products you should buy

What is Amazon Echo? Amazon Echo , or you can call it Alexa, is a voice-controlled Wi-Fi speaker which can recognize what you say just like Siri on iOS, the difference is that Amazon Echo stays only at your home.  Most of the home automation Controllers areusually controlled  by touching the screen,  but maybe voice is a better interface... Read More »

A Brief Guide of Home Automation And Some Most Popular Smart Products

A Brief Guide of Home Automation And Some Most Popular Smart ProductsWhat is Home Automation? Home automation is automation of the home, or household activity. Home automation means that you can control the devices in your home from anywhere at any time, such as control of lighting, heating, or air conditioning and all the appliances in your house and so on. One touch of a button... Read More »