Top 5 Best Home Automation Companies You Must Know in 2015

There are more and more home automation companies today. Thanks to the innovations of these companies, the technology of smart home is changeing every fast and make our home more smart. You can’t image in the past decades that someday we can control the door locks or thermostat from a cellphone even hundred miles away from your home.

I have test a lot of different devices manufactured by many different companies. Today I will show you the top 5 best home automation companies I choose in 2015.


1. August Smart Lock.

August Smart Lock is the best company of Smart Locks, August makes high-quality, easy-to-use smart door-lock system. The Locks they made were easy to install and use, to set the smart lock up,you don’t need to change the deadbolt already there. And with the app on your smartphone, you can  control your door lock from outside of the room.  Compared to other door-locks manufacturers, I think August’s app is more convenient to use.

2. HomeSeer.

HomeSear is famous for its innovation and quality. The products of HomeSear has win lots of awards. The company offers various kinds of smart devices and peripherals at their online shop, which makes you customize the home automation system more wise and easier.


Wink is a newcomer of home automation solutions. The products of Wink are easy to use, and are compatible with lots of other smart things, besides the price of Wink is not expensive compared to its power. Wink is easy to set up, just connect it to your smartphone through Wi-Fi, then follow the guidence step by step in a few minutes, it is worked.  The Wink system can work with other smart home automation products, such as Nest and Lutron.


Control4 is Known as the easiest home automation systems to use. Control4 offers customization choice for you,so that you can decide what your home automation system will included or not depends on your budget. As the home automation trend, Control4 support to control from web or app.

5. Vera

Vera got a good reputation for its technical support, and its home automation products are powerful and compatible with other smart technology. Vera is compatible with many types of cameras and detectors or other devices. Also, it can be controlled through the web or smartphone.



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