iDevices Wi-Fi Thermostat iPhone Review

A Short Review of iDevices Thermostat 2021 – Wi-Fi and HomeKit Enabled for iPhone

This is a thermostat that can let you control the temperature of your home using siri®and the idevices connected app.  IDevices is a relatively inexpensive Wi-Fi thermostat that can drop in relatively easily to replace most electronic home thermostats while offering monitoring, control, and scheduling via HomeKit. It has a very sleek design and the size of it is perfect. The iDevices Thermostat features WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Its app lets you manage scenes, set up zones, and schedule your home’s temperature based on your daily routine.


Installation of the iDevices Thermostat is relatively easy, providing you have the necessary wiring in place. Like almost every other electronic thermostat, you’ll need a “C” wire coming from your furnace to provide the 24VAC required to power the thermostat itself. Installing the iDevices Thermostat in your home is simple with the step-by-step guide and mounting hardware provided.

Note:  if you replaced a 4-wire or 2-wire thermostat with this 5-wire one, you’d better call iDevice help number.

Control From The App

This thermostat makes it possible to change settings with your smartphone, you can use Siri voice commands to make your home cozy when you’re there or not. With the free iDevices Connected app, you can create schedules or quickly adjust temperatures from anywhere. The iDevices Connected app provides access to all of the same control and configuration options that you can access from the console.


  • HomeKitEnabled
  • Easy install and use
  • Works with most heating and cooling systems
  • Half the price of the competition with most of the same functionality


  • HomeKitEnabled
  • Make a clicking noise when it turns the system on and off
  • No support to control humidity
  • C-wire is required

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