Best Bluetooth Radio 2021 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Exponential proliferation of technology has significantly refashioned the way of life. Fortunately, the tools we use for entertainment, are on the receiving end of the conveniences generated by this proliferation. Commencement of Bluetooth radio is a beaming instance of it.

Impressive stereo sound will change the notion of listening radio, usability as a speaker enhanced its appeal even further, and most importantly, can be carried anywhere, as these rechargeable battery operated electronic devices come with extreme portability.

Endless fun with never ending variety of songs make these devices indispensable, while a little get-together is taking place in your backyard or simply you just hate to be surrounded by electric cables. If you are a radio enthusiast and are in the hunt for a Bluetooth radio, we are here with a marvelous collection to guide you towards your perfect fit.

Top Picks : 5 Best Bluetooth Radio

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Things Need To Be Prioritize Prior Of Buying A Bluetooth Radio

Hundreds of products come with thousands of features. But all are not intended to make your radio experience pleasant but a few. You need to differentiate those effective features so that your investment doesn’t end up as a vanity.

  • Audio output

Whatever tools you use to listen music or other radio broadcasts, sound quality will determine how entertaining it is. As, these devices are portable and often use in public places, where background noises aren’t in check, they need to be loud enough to reach out to the whole group. Besides, being a speaker make them useful in small office setups, where it should offer clear enough sound to cover all the attendees present at the conference room meeting.

  • Compatibility with various input method

Bluetooth connectivity makes these devices super convenient for smart gadgets powered by Bluetooth technology. Notwithstanding, they need to have other connection methods, for instances, USB port, AUX, and a jack to plug in a guitar or microphone, in order to be able to connect various sources of input. If you want to connect it manually, take a look what available prior to placing an order.

  • Technical issues

Designed and manufactured to be used instantaneously, which is what is the reason behind their rapid rise. Therefore, any sort of technical difficulties aren’t anticipated. Any major installation requirement or connectivity complication with various devices would be a major setback.

  • Energy consumption

As rechargeable battery is the source of power, standby time will be the key in ensuring an optimum output. Bluetooth speakers are known for their insignificant power consumption. But it’s important that you make a query about the battery life so that you don’t get in trouble, when recharging isn’t possible.

  • Transportability

The idea of wireless radio and speaker got so much prominence because of the portability, where size, shape and weight are the key. Carrying an uncomfortable device, which is a bit weighty and difficult to adjust in your side bag is out of the question. Make sure that it can fit into virtually anywhere and offer supreme conveniences, you are up to.

  • FM and AM compatibility

No matter where and which circumstances you are in, unconditional access to music all the time is enough to elevate your mood. When you are on the go, whether in driving wheels, commuting or on the way home from work, FM and AM radios always has something interesting for you to listen. The FM band is quite common in Bluetooth radios, while Am is not that much available. Should you are a fan of AM broadcast don’t forget to ensure that your radio is capable of receiving AM bands.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Radio  Reviews

1. Sbode Bluetooth Radio and Speaker

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What comes first when putting money into something, is how it looks. In other words, the design and the structure it has. You can rest assured as this Sbode engineered Bluetooth radio built to impress. Sound quality, which thought to be the most important thing people look for in a speaker, is somewhat mind-blowing.

Advanced noise reduction technology along with impressive digital sound system and base radiators produce top quality acoustic sound. All black attire comes with metal radiators on both top and bottom of the speaker. Supports a number of input methods covering USB, Bluetooth, AUX and also micro SD cards.

When you are out of FM coverage, audio file saved to SD card will keep entertaining you. Its cylindrical structure equipped with waterproof buttons, which sound in every press. Stereo sound could be doubled, as this radio comes with a master device controlled TWS function, which enabling the audio to be played in sync through both right and left channels.

Use of oven mesh type materials significantly improved its durability and triple protection design helps remain water resistant and dust proof. Corners have been rounded to achieve a classic outfit, while housing that has bumpers on either side ensures extensive longevity.


  • Automatic power off after standby time ( 10 min) is over
  • Micro SD card supported
  • Premium quality audio
  • 360 degree stereo audio
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Waterproof but submersed for a while would turn it ineffective

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 2. Antimi Bluetooth Speakers with FM Radio

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Are you going for a long drive or in a remote area, where a charging facility for your radio might not be accessible? Take this Bluetooth speaker powered with FM radio manufacture by Antimi along, in order to keep yourself pumped up for a long period. Ultra stylish appearance along with superior quality sound is more than enough to relieve your annoyance of being alone.

Distortion free audio with boosted bass is due, owing to its full-range 3-watt speakers. 360° surround sound offers superior listening experience. Has three playing modes and a sensitive touch button is there for easy switching between modes.

Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, supports iOS and windows operated smart devices, micro SD cards and has an AUX port. Also can be used as a hands-free speaker due to built-in MIC. Able to receive most of the radio station’s signal. Wireless FM signal amplifier, which is built-in, significantly improves reception capability and sensitivity.

Full metal compact structure comes with arc surfaces both sides; no sharp edge or discomfort in handling. 2200mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery offers a 12 hour of play time. Moreover, can be charged with any USB power source. Practical Number Keys are there to assist you in selecting songs directly, when you are in the TF card mode. To ensure Wav lossless decoding, a HIFI processing chip also included.


  • Automatic radio station search by pressing the turn on key or the pause key
  • Insignificant weight of 295g
  • Highly portable dimension of (170 X 67 X 33) mm
  • 2200mAh battery for longer playing time
  • 2 to 3 hours to be charged fully


  • Standby time might be varied, when you are playing loud

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 3. SINGING WOOD Bluetooth AM/FM Radio with Foldable Carrying Handle

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Those who love to be armed with alternatives, so that they don’t have to be laid up, when their source of music is not available, would love to have a SINGING WOOD Bluetooth AM/FM Radio. A number of options for uninterrupted music and radio broadcasts make it one of the most sought after Bluetooth radio, which supports both AM and FM bands.

Besides, music can be played from CD, as it’s equipped with a built-in easy operating CD-R/RW type CD player. Inclusion of an AUX input port has simplified connectivity to a range of devices, including Smartphone, Tablet or PC and a 3.5mm AUX cable comes along for more conveniences.

Should you are not obsessed with analog operation and hate to handle cables, Bluetooth is there to alleviate your annoyance. To increase its portability a foldable handle also comes along. When you are at home, AC power connection will save your cost, but when you are on the go, 6 type-C batteries are enough to entertain you.

This versatile device offers a loud and clear sound even when you are at noisy surroundings, thanks to its 3-watt dual speaker. Act as a complete media player with forward, rewind, repeat and play/pause buttons. Buttons are arranged in a classic way. Other features include an antenna for strong signal reception, LED display and 3.5mm headphone jack out.


  • Loads of options for uninterrupted music
  • Both AM and FM signal reception
  • Telescopic antenna
  • LED display for CD player
  • Dual powerful 3-watt speakers


  • Non rechargeable battery

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4. Monster Nomad Portable Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Radio and speaker

[amazon fields=”B01J6SRBZS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

As mentioned in the title, it’s a super radio with monstrous speaker. In order to ensure a superior performance and long battery life, it purposely gets a bit of bulky. When it comes to audio and sound quality, 30-Watt High-Power Sound system is comparable to none. Outdoor activities, which are quite adventurous can be accompanied easily by this owing to its robust design and heavy duty build.

A balanced speaker performance is highly anticipated, since the base response is no less than great. Distortion is not the case with Nomad, even when it’s being played at full volume. Also highly effective at outdoor events that’s been taking place in a noisy surrounding, as you can play it hard enough.

Running out of battery is not the scenario you would face. 30 hours of powerful speaker performance on a full charge is ensured. Furthermore, compatibility with USB input means you can charge it anywhere, anytime with regular mobile chargers. Just make sure that the power rating of the charger is 5 volt, 2 amp.

Tuning the local FM radio stations is just a push of a button away! Aside from being Bluetooth powered, also supports NFC technology so that you can easily sync audio saved in your smart phone. A 3.5mm microphone/guitar input also available to facilitate live music.


  • Direct device connection through AUX input
  • 30 watt power
  • 30 hour battery backup
  • Weather resistant structure
  • Supports Bluetooth, NFC, FM radio and more


  • Doesn’t have any memory slot, which is a regular feature in most Bluetooth radios

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5. Victrola Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio with Rotary Dial, Espresso

[amazon fields=”B07F31FSC6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Appearance that this Victrola produce has, will definitely take you back to the golden era of radio. The timeless wooden design that it has, is simply a compliment for your living room or office setup. But don’t get puzzled by its retro design, as features that you look for in a modern radio, it has all of those in it.

Bluetooth makes sure that you can connect all the smart devices equipped with Bluetooth technology. Moreover, it acts as a speaker too, which is all set to produce a pleasing listing experience. A tremendous as well as modern stereo speaker inside, generates powerful crystal clear audio.

Its wooden structure will help you take a walk through the memory lane, when you were listing radio programs at your grandparents place. Looks exactly like an old classic radio, which were available back in the 1960s. All the contemporary features, amplify its elegance by many fold.

Operation is vastly simplified by using multiple rotary dials. Traditional analog channel tuning offers a trouble-free AM and FM tuning. Level of base as well as treble can be controlled and has built-in speaker, which can be used to facilitate other source of music through Bluetooth technology.


  • Artistic appearance
  • Treble and base control
  • Bluetooth technology availability
  • Superior signal reception
  • Both FM and AM tuning


  • Not everyone is obsessed with these sort of models

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6. Sony Portable Bluetooth Digital Turner AM/FM radio

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The emergence of the idea of smart accessories has shaken the traditional trend of entertainment technologies. We can’t think of a device, which is being used for a single purpose. So does the Bluetooth radios and this portable Bluetooth radio, manufactured by Sony is a perfect instance of it.

A number of handy features turned it one of the most in demand Bluetooth radio available in the market. Other than that, availability of Bluetooth technology offers cable free audio streaming from compatible devices anywhere, anytime. It also possesses NFC (Near Field Communications) technology, which guarantees improved Bluetooth connectivity.

In spite of waning popularity, CDs still are one of the best sources of audio and a great number of people still wish to have a CD player. And if it comes with your radio, nothing could be more beneficial. USB input port gives the option of recording audios directly on the computer.

Bass-reflex chamber for speaker acts as a source of enjoyable music. Receives both FM and AM signals, which is tunable by a stereo Tuner and has 30 preset stations. 6 size C batteries are enough to entertain you for 26 hours. Inclusion of a carrying handle makes it a breeze to carry.


  • Compact structure
  • Bright display
  • Well-arranged buttons for easy operation
  • NFC for improved Bluetooth performance
  • Stereo sound with mega base


  • Non-rechargeable batteries will not be cost efficient

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7. TENMIYA Portable Bluetooth Speakers with FM radio

[amazon fields=”B07RQQJ5K5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Partying outdoor with plenty of friends, without loud music is not the ideal environment you would prefer to chill. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through that unpleasant experience, should you possess this portable speaker powered with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, manufactured by TENMIYA. Pair up with virtually anything, which means connectivity with Android, iPhones, laptops, Mac, iPad and more electronic devices, is ensured.

Besides, a range of 33 feet offers freedom of movement, when your phone is connected to the speaker. Has a practical as well as stylish wooden square structure, which is the key of improved sound quality. In comparison with other traditional metal or plastic speakers, aesthetics and listening experience that it puts forward, is quite superior.

Premium full range neodymium drivers are there to generate first-rate base in all three levels. Each tune can be felt with optimum preciseness, thanks to the back to back-drivers design. You don’t need to be in close proximity with the speaker to adjust the volume or turn it off, as those activities are bestowed to a portable remote control.

FM radio brings all the latest updates around the world in your reach. Moreover, when you are feeling your music stock less warm, endless local FM channels will help you stay pumped up.


  • Practical wooden design
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Impressive stereo sound
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Remote control operation


  • 3-6 hours play time is not appreciable

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8. iLive iKB333S Under Cabinet Radio with Bluetooth Speakers

[amazon fields=”B00BCSYZSW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Household works, especially what we do in the kitchen become exhausting often. Since, working alone probably the most tiring thing. But music could be a game changer, when you are performing repellent kitchen stuffs. There is nothing comparable with music to lift people’s mode and a radio with CD player under your kitchen cabinet is enough to do it.

IKB333S under the banner of iLive, is an impeccable choice for kitchen entertainment. Furthermore, could be installed anywhere in the house, where appropriate setup is available or you can simply put it on any furniture. Its impressive audio output will lift your mode up in no time.

Don’t need to be puzzled regarding installation, as it’s extremely easy to set up. Mounting kits required, come along with the package. A well written manual will assist you further, when any assistance is necessary. A handy kitchen light will make your task easier. In addition, a kitchen timer also included so that you don’t mess up with the recipe, which has precise cooking time.

20 preset slots available for saving favorite FM channels; don’t need to scan each time. Speaker is built-in stereo and a digital volume control also there to meet your comfort level. White backlight powered LCD display shows digital clock and a single alarm also available.


  • Easy to install
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mounting accessories come along
  • Digital clock and alarm
  • Built-in stereo audio


  • Not operable by battery

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9. Soundance FM Radio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon fields=”B00LTG0NBU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Imaginative design with all black attire, this FM radio is all set to fulfill your longing of music. Can be used as a speaker separately and the inclusion of Bluetooth technology has elevated its appeal by many folds. No matter where you take it, a single click will be enough to make it auto search all the available FM channels (from 87.5-108MHZ) around you.

To attain a crystal clear audio, you can also fine tune channels manually. Supports USB and AUX inputs and they act as an antenna to boost up signal reception, which is an added advantage. Dual powerful 40mm speakers come with base, enhance technology to produce premium quality audio with deep base.

You can play a wide range of audio file from your micro SD card or TF card. Pair with almost all the Bluetooth enabled devices and has an alarm clock for more conveniences. When you badly want variation in music there is nothing better than FM radio. A 3.5mm headphone jack offers the best listening experience.

Bluetooth version 3.0 enables most of the smartphones and PCs to connect from a distance of up to 35 feet. Has built-in rechargeable battery, which gives a playtime of 8 hours, when it’s charged fully. A simple but nice LED display simplifies alarm set up and audio selection.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Stylish outfit
  • Extremely portable
  • Sensible price tag
  • Supports wide variety of audio sources


  • Playtime is insignificant, in comparison with other brands available

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10. Rerii Handmade Walnut Wood Portable FM/AM Radio and Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon fields=”B076DWB4GG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

An aesthetic piece of electronics made to impress its admirers. Crafted by hand and used only 100% natural walnut. The design that it has is pretty straightforward, but your artistic mind would find it difficult to get rid of its charm, when you first see it. All it has is three simple rotary knob to perform the whole operation.

A dimension of H135mm x W60.5mm x L79.5mm advertises its extreme portability. Wooden structure will add some elegance in your setup, whether you use it at office desk or kitchen shelf. Its vintage appearance is being appreciated by beautiful finishing and warm color. A blend of art and technology that offers clear and crisp sound.

Bluetooth 4.0 enables it to connect easily with available devices and pairing up with smart devices is a matter of a few seconds. A high definition stereo sound is due, as comes with a tight and strong base. Volume is loud enough to be heard from all over the large room and perform incredibly with various music types.

You are boundless to hear radio broadcasts you want to, as it supports both AM and FM bands. For superior signal reception, when you are listening radio program, connect the micro USB cable, which serves as an antenna.


  • LED indicator for battery level
  • Light rotation knobs
  • Compact design improves portability
  • Eco-friendly wooden craft
  • 0 Bluetooth technology


  • People might find it overpriced

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Bluetooth Radio

Q: Will it be wise to use a Bluetooth radio at the workplace?

Answer: Relaxation is a part of the work and refuel you for further challenges. On that note, you can keep a radio around you, in order to keep yourself pumped up, when tiredness is draining your stamina. Just make sure that, it doesn’t clash with the work environment. Some models specifically designed to meet workplace requirements, which could be handy to keep you energized.

Q: Can I take my radio on the beach?

Answer: One of the most favorite activities of music enthusiasts, who also love beaching, is to take their device to the beach. But it poses a serious threat towards your radios integrity. It’s highly advised to have a waterproof model, should you are determined to take your radio on the beach.

Q: Can I use these radios as a speaker separately?

Answer: Definitely. Essentially, the reason behind the surge in popularity of Bluetooth radio is its usability as Bluetooth speaker. Which can be connected with virtually any Bluetooth powered smart device.

Q: These devices are portable, which has reduced their size, does it has any impact on sound quality?

Answer: Size doesn’t matter in producing impressive audio. Rather, some devices offer impeccable sound with extreme base.

Q: How much playtime can I expect from a Bluetooth radio

Answer: It depends solely on the battery that come along with the device. Powerful batteries often offer 25 to 30 hours of uninterrupted audio playing.


In truth, we can’t deny the fact that the availability of various smart devices has outclassed the importance of radio quite significantly. Notwithstanding, when it pair with other technological innovations and form a package, it becomes super convenient for the radio enthusiast to have one.

Exactly what happened with the products outlined in this article. A combination of Bluetooth speaker and FM/AM radio offers an endless variety of choices of music as well as important radio broadcasts, for instances, weather update, News bulletins and so on.

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