Best Sliding Door Blinds 2021 [Reviews and Buyers Guide]

Even though the glass of most of the sliding door will have some sort of texture that can diffuse the direct sunlight to a certain level and provide you some amount of privacy, it might not be enough for you. Now, are you looking for something that will enhance light diffusion and will offer you maximum privacy? Then what you need to install are blinds.

However, with the number of options that are available in the market, it will be quite challenging for you to sort all the best sliding door blinds. But as you have found us, you will not have to worry about that anymore. We are going to make things easier for you.

Top Picks : 5 Best Sliding Door Blinds

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A Buyer’s Guide To The Best Sliding Door Blinds

Not all the curtains that you are going to stumble upon will be worth your money. For getting one of them among all the available options, you have to keep some factors in mind. These factors will let you scrutinize them properly and help you make an efficient decision. They are:

1. Fabric

The first thing that you have to consider is the fabric of the curtains. It will vary from one manufacturer to another. Most of the drapes will come with a blend of cotton and polyester. Those are the ones that are the most durable.

Other than that, if you are opting for the vertical slats, you should look for the ones that have other material blended with the paper. Otherwise, you will not be able to get extended use out of them if you go for the paper ones.

2. Grommets

The grommets will dictate the compatibility of the curtains. In this case, what you should look for is the inner diameter of the grommets. Usually, the ones that come with a 1.6 inches internal diameter grommets will be able to fit most of the standard curtain rods that are out there.

Other than the inner diameter, we would also recommend you to opt for the ones that come with silver grommets. Those will not catch rust and will not corrode over time. That means you will be able to slide them across the rods swiftly.

3. Sunlight Blocking Capability

The main reason behind getting a blind for most of the people is to reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering the room. Keeping that factor in mind, you should opt for the ones that come with a black or a white backside. Those will not only be able to block off the sunlight but also will be able to block off UV rays.

4. Sound Isolation

Even though most of the curtains will not have this ability, but the ones that are thick enough will be able to reduce the outside noise substantially. With those, you can isolate your room from the outdoor sounds. These will help you in getting a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep at night.

Top 10 Best Sliding Door Blinds Reviews

As we said, there is an overabundance of options in the case of door blinds in the market. You are sure to get bewildered among them while trying to find some decent ones. For that reason, we went through the most popular ones and huddled a list with the ones that stood out the most to us. They are:

1. NICETOWN 100% Blackout Blinds

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Direct sunlight will easily be able to get through the glass sliding doors, and if they get in, they can increase the overall room temperature substantially. Well, not to let that happen, you are going need something that NICETOWN is offering here.

Just like the label suggests, these are blackout curtains that will not only be able to block off sunlight entirely but also will not let the UV rays pass through. It can offer that because of the black liner it features in the backside.

Likewise, these can isolate the room from noise as well. So, after closing off the windows, you will be able to make your room virtually soundproof. These can absorb the outside sound better than than the ordinary single layer curtains that are out there.

Apart from that, you will get a lot of options in the case of color and height. You will be able to choose from nine different height options and fifteen different elegant colors. It will make your room more inviting.

These feature a classic lined design that will blend exceptionally well with all rooms. You will also not have to worry about cleaning them because they are machine washable.


  • Blocks off sunlight and UV rays
  • Makes the room soundproof
  • Nine height and fifteen color options
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes the room more inviting


  • Comes with a toxic chemical smell
  • The curtains come with wrinkles all over them

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2. GoDear Design Deluxe Adjustable Sliding Panel Track Blind

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In most cases, to adjust the width in case of sliding doors blinds, you will have to accumulate all the drapes in one corner, which does not look aesthetically clean. Keeping that in mind, GoDear came up with an innovative adjustable mechanism that can be found in this unit.

It comes with a four-rail track design that has a fully adjustable width. You can adjust the width from anywhere between 45.8 inches to 86 inches. Each of the panels is 23 inches wide and 95 inches in length.

Alongside that, you will also be able to choose from eight different colors. All of them will blend exceptionally well with the rest of the furniture that you might have in the room.

Similarly, the overall construction of the blinds is a blend of 28 percent polyester and 72 percent paper. Compared to the other screens that are entire of paper, these will last for an extended amount of time.

Alongside that, it will also let diffused light to get inside. You will not have to worry about direct sunlight getting inside and warming up your room. Thus, it will also be able to offer you adequate privacy.


  • The width is fully adjustable
  • Comes in eight different colors
  • Durable poly and paper construction
  • Diffuses direct sunlight
  • Offers adequate privacy


  • Not washable
  • The installation process is a bit tedious

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3. Chicology Adjustable Sliding Panels

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Among all the panels, the ones that come with a flexible mounting system are the easiest to install. A perfect example of that would be this one that is from Chicology.

Let us talk about the overall construction first. It is made of a fabric blend of sixty percent paper and forty percent polyester. As the blend contains a high amount of polyester than most of the units that are out there, it will be able to last for an extended amount of time.

Like most of the door screens, this one also implements an adjustable size mechanism. You will be able to adjust the overall width of the rail from anywhere between 44 inches and 80 inches. Also, the total length is 96 inches, but you will be able to trim it your preference.

Unlike most of the screens, the installation process of this one is hassle-free. You will get all the hardware along with an easy to follow installation guide. Also, you will be able to install these in the inside and outside of the frame.

Besides, you will also have five different color options to choose from. All of them are quite elegant and will definitely make your rooms more inviting. These can also filter the direct sunlight.


  • Two different mounting options
  • Easy to install
  • Five different color options
  • Adjustable rail
  • Diffuses direct sunlight


  • Makes a squeaky noise during sliding
  • The sliding mechanism is not that smooth

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4. Foiresoft Custom Cut to Size Zebra Roller Blinds

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Most of the blinds that you are going to stumble upon will come with a fixed length. For making the fit, you will have to get the longer option and then trim it from the bottom. Well, you will not have to go through that for this one.

These blinds are fully customizable, just like the label suggests. You can place a custom size order and receive your blind from the seller directly. Because of this, you will not have to trim the units by yourself just to get a perfect fit in your sliding door.

On the other hand, for the width, you will be able to choose from 20 inches to 110 inches. Because of the roll-up mechanism, you will easily be able to roll them up and let the light come in if you prefer. When they are not rolled up, they will be able to diffuse the direct sunlight and avoid your room from getting warmer.

As they come with a combination of two fabric layers with a sheer mesh and an opaque slat, they can offer you adequate privacy. So, because of this fabric combination, you will also be able to wash them with water.


  • The length is customizable
  • Comes with a roll-up mechanism
  • Can diffuse direct sunlight
  • Offers adequate privacy
  • Easy to clean


  • Some packages come with broken roll-up mechanism
  • The installation instructions are a little vague

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5. Sun Zero Barrow Extra-Wide Energy Efficient

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Are you looking for a wide blind for your sliding door? Want something that will not only block off the light but also will reduce the outside noise? Then you were probably looking for something like what Sun Zero is offering here.

Let us talk about the width first. The overall width of the unit is 84 inches, which is large enough that you will be able to cover up large sliding doors with just one of these. On the other hand, the length is 100 inches, and you will be able to trim it to make it perfectly fit. The metal grommets that it comes along will fit rods that are up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

However, due to the detachable pulling wand that it comes along, you will easily be able to maneuver it. Other than that, as it comes with room darkening technology, it will be able to block off excess light and block off unwanted light. Moreover, it will also offer you maximum privacy.

It also can reduce outside noise to about 25 percent. Alongside that, it can also isolate the room and keep it warm in winter and cooler in summer.


  • The overall width is 84 inches
  • Features a detachable pulling wand
  • Blocks off unwanted outside lights
  • Reduces outside noise to about 25 percent
  • Can isolate the room from extreme outdoor temperatures


  • The actual color of the drapes is a bit lighter
  • The fabric feels a bit cheap

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6. RYB HOME Blackout Patio Door Curtains

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One of the problems that most of the blinds have is that the grommets catch rust over time. However, you will not have to face that if you opt for these that are from RYB HOME.

Unlike most of the drapes, these come with silver grommets that have an inner diameter of 1.6 inches, which will fit most of the curtain rods. These grommets are resistant to rust, and you will not have to worry about them catching rust over time.

Furthermore, you can choose from various bright colors. There are twelve different color options, all of them will sport a high-quality polyester fabric. This triple woven fabric will not only look elegant but also will be able to block off direct sunlight. Alongside that, it will also offer you maximum privacy.

Likewise, the fabric has some insulation characteristics as well. It will be able to insulate your rooms and keep it away from the heatwave in the summer and cold waves in the winter.

They are quite easy to keep clean too. Because of the same fabric used in both the front and the backside, you will be able to clean it inside a washing machine.


  • Has rustproof grommets
  • Compatible with most of the curtain rods
  • Efficiently block off direct sunlight
  • Insulates the room from extreme temperatures
  • Offers adequate privacy


  • Can not dampen outdoor noise
  • The hem on the bottom is uneven

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7. DALIX PVC Vertical Blind Replacement Slats Curved

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The regular blinds that are out there might not go well in work environments. Usually, what people install in such environments are slats. And, if you were looking for one, you should have a look into this one.

Depending on the size of the doors and the amount of the doors you want to cover, you will be able to choose from five different packages. There are two, five, ten, twenty, and lastly, 125 pieces package available. Each of them is 82.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width. You can trim the bottom to make them perfectly fit in your door lengthwise.

Accordingly, you will also be able to choose from three different color options. There is white, off-white, and ivory. All of them will look exceptionally good in offices and other work environments.

Alongside that, they are also of high-quality material. These slats are of Vinyl, which is more durable than papers. That means you can use them for an extended amount of time.

The installation system is quite straightforward too. These will work with most of the mounting systems, and you will be able to get them up in no time at all.


  • Comes in five different packages
  • Three different color options
  • Works with most of the mounts
  • Easy to install
  • Exceptionally durable


  • A bit hard to get these fully straightened
  • Light-diffusing capability is not that praiseworthy
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8. Achim Home Furnishings Vertical Blinds

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Most of the vertical blinds that are out there will warp and chip over time. However, Achim Home Furnishings came up with a solution for that, and they implemented that in these slats.

First of all, it comes with an aluminum track that is designed for maximum durability. Because of being aluminum, it will be able to not only resist fading and denting but also will be able to resist chipping and warping. Hence, your blinds will last for an extended amount of time without showing any issues.

As these do not have any chains or any chords hanging, they are basically child-proof. The installation process is quite straightforward as well. You will receive all the necessary instructions and hardware in the package. With those, you will be able to get them installed in no time at all.

The material that these features are non-leaded vinyl. This formulation will make sure that there is no static build-up in between the slates. There are two different size options, 78 inches and 104 inches in width. Both of them are 84 inches long, which can be trimmed up. Other than that, three different color options are there.


  • Features an aluminum track
  • Resistant to warping, denting, fading, and chipping
  • Child-proof design
  • Two different size options with three different colors
  • Easy to install


  • Some packages ship with a bent track
  • The vinyl feels a bit cheap in quality

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9. VERSAILTEX 100% Blackout Patio Door Linen Curtains

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Most of the blackout curtains will feature a black backside. But, you might want to get something that has a white backside for aesthetic purposes. In that case, you should put this one that is from H.VERSAILTEX into your consideration.

Like we mentioned above, this one comes with a white color lining on the back. It is equally efficient as the black ones in the case of blocking sunlight. Alongside that, it can also block UV rays. Thus, your rooms will stay much cooler in the summer days.

The material that these curtains sports are linen and because of the wrinkle-free and thread trimming construction, these are more durable than the other blinds out there. Moreover, they also adopt a waterproof surface that will be able to withstand accidental spills without getting soaked. The grommets that these features are rustproof.

Over and above, there are three different length options. So you can choose from 84 inches, 86 inches, and 108 inches. All of them have a width of 100 inches. There are seven different colors too. The colors are quite elegant, and because of the faux surface, they will surely enhance the aesthetics of your room.


  • Has a white color lining on the back
  • Can block off direct sunlight and UV rays
  • Rustproof grommets
  • Comes in three different lengths
  • Seven different color options


  • Some units come with pinholes on the surface
  • The color fades over time

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10. Melodieux Elegant Cotton Wide Blackout Curtains

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Are you tired of getting curtains that come with a chemical smell in the box? Want something that can not only block off the sunlight and UV rays but also will be able to isolate your room from sounds? Then these curtains are the ones that you should shoot for.

To begin with, these feature a fabric blend of 15 percent cotton and 85 percent polyester. Because of the triple weaving, these will be able to not only block off direct sunlight but also will be able to block UV rays. As there is no chemical coating on the surface, you will not have to worry about that pesky smell as well that most of the blinds come with.

Apart from that, the blinds come with a weaving process that is energy efficient. Due to that, it will be able to isolate the room from outside noise to a certain extent.

However, as these come with silver grommets, you will not have to worry about them getting rusted over time. Besides, these grommets also make these compatible with most of the standard rods that are out there. Plus, they are also quite easy to keep clean too because the fabric is washing machine-friendly.


  • Does not have any chemical coating
  • Features silver rustproof grommets
  • Compatible with most of the standard rods
  • Blocks of sunlight and UV rays
  • Isolates the room from outdoor noise


  • The blinds ships with wrinkles all over the surface
  • Some packages have wrong measurement info

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Final Verdict

Even though all the curtains in our list are worthy of a recommendation, if we were to choose one, we would suggest you opt for the NICETOWN 100% Blackout Blinds. They do not only come in different elegant colors but also are capable of reducing noise, block sunlight, and UV rays.

With that, we would like to conclude here by hoping that we were able to make it easier for you to choose one of the best sliding door blinds and by wishing you good luck.


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