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Z-Wave vs. Zigbee

Both Zigbee and Z-Wave operate through a mesh network. Zigbee travels on a higher frequency (2.4 GHz) versus Z-Wave (900 MHz). Zigbee waves travel further, albeit on a more crowded frequency. Both networks are mesh network protocols, meaning that modules/nodes relay signals, as well as receiving and responding. In essence, the more modules throughout your... Read More »

Review of Mi Casa Verde Vera 2 In The Year2017

What an amazing product! The Mi Casa Verde Vera 2 from Mi Casa Verde is, as advertised, “simple but sophisticated.” After hearing dated horror stories of X-10, I never imagined just how simple it would be to create a home automation network until I got my hands on the Vera 2. Within an hour, I... Read More »

Top 5 Best Z-Wave Controllers For Home Automation 2017

Top 5 Best Z-Wave Controllers  For Home Automation 2017There are new Home Automation products everyday,New brands , new firmwares, new products, new protocols. In 2015, Samsung release a new product, SmartThings, Google’s Nest is taking the place of SmartHome Hub, Homeseer S6 was released as a new flagship,…and so on. As the number of Home Automation products increase so rapidly, you may find... Read More »