Honeywell Lyric or Nest Smart Thermostat – Which is Better ?

As early as 1945, Honeywell has already launched its own thermostat products, they recently released Lyric smart thermostat, and its purpose is to compete with Nest. Both of them can bring convenient user experience, and reduce power consumption, lower utility bills, in a slightly different way. Nest vs Honeywell Lyric, which one of these two devices is better?

Ways of working

The beautiful design and simple user interface of Nest’s smart thermostat makes it win the market and customer’s like. You can control the heating and air conditioning programmatically. Also it can work automatically. In automatic mode, it will use motion tracking to determine whether someone inside the house, and then controls HVAC to adjust accordingly. Nest has the capacity to learn more than that: it can also keep track of the temperature set by the user, and automatically adjust to the user’s preferred temperature range.

Honeywell believes that Nest does not know exactly whether the users are inside the house or not if it only tracks users at home, The Lyric use geofencing technology, when it detects family members carry smartphones entering or leaving a pre-designated area, the device can accurately detect whether someone in the home. Geo-fence Lyric supports can detect a distance range between 150 m -11 km. This can meet both urban and suburban users’ need.

Which method is better?

Both of them have their own advantages and limitations. Nest systems rely on accurate motion tracking. Users can install multiple detectors in all rooms to make it work well, but this will be very costly. On the other hand, all family members can be monitored. The motion detector of Lyric is used to light up the screen when the user move close to it. Of course, sometimes users need manually control the Nest. For example, if the user comes home early one day, and he wants the cooling or heating system work ahead, it can only be controlled manually through the smartphone application. Because it does not support geo-fencing, Nest will not know that you are on the way back.

Special feature

Both devices also provide some additional capacity to win your heart. Lyric claimed to have better control of HVAC. It can take internal and external temperature humidity and weather situation into consideration. These factors will affect the temperature feelings inside the house. By adding Airwave system, Nest also has the ability to detect moisture now.

In addition, the two devices will send a monthly energy report to the users, to show them the savings of consumption. Lyric and Nest will adjust their settings based on the weather forecast. But Lyric has a weather icon on the screen to display the next 12 hours weather conditions.

Selling price

The price of the 2 devices is not cheap. Nest thermostat is more than $200, while Honeywell Lyric higher than Nest. Both devices require users to install, and will notify when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Which model you should buy- Nest or Honeywell?

Honeywell’s products is more suitable for users whose activity are not so regular. On the contrary, Nest with the Learning ability is more suitable for users with regular activity. Both devices are equipped with remote control, and have claimed to be able to significantly reduce electricity bills.

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