Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Thermostat Review

Review of Honeywell Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi Thermostat – Second Generation

Honeywell announced Lyric Round smart thermostats Add Support for HomeKit. Honeywell announced an update to its home thermostat on 1.5.2016. Lyric Round smart thermostats 2nd is the first HomeKit support product made by Honeywell. It is intended to compete with other HomeKit-compatible thermostats on the market like the ecobee3 and thermostat. This means Honeywell Lyric can be controlled with your iOS device like iPhone and iPad via Siri only if it was connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Honeywell Lyric Round is similar to Google’s Nest thermostat as a smart/connected device. The product uses a similar Nest circular design, the functions are also similar to Nest, it can collect the user’s indoor temperature and humidity data, learn user’s habits automatically adjust the temperature, to save electricity.

Second generation thermostat

Lyric second generation thermostat is designed with a rounded shape like the Nest thermostat and it has a three inches polishing glass surface, which can clearly display the current and target temperature.


From the picture above we can see there are just two buttons on the front face, a button to switch the mode of “home” and “away”. Another button is temperature forecasts. In addition, Lyric can also learn user’s habits automatically adjust the temperature, to save electricity. In order to better compete with Nest, Honeywell Lyric thermostat even includes humidity automatically adjusts function. It adjusts the room’s temperature according to indoor and outdoor temperature. For example, when the humidity is too high, it can be adapted to reduce the humidity.

Of course, if you wish to operate on the screen, remember that it supports controlled by touch and motion with its sensors inside.


By supporting HomeKit application, the user can control Lyric at home or a remote place. This device can respond to Siri voice commands, and can interact with other HomeKit products at your home.

The automatic temperature control based on the LBS can easily set the temperature to your comfortable level. Additional functions like alert notification, if the owner is away from home, when extreme temperature changes it can give you a smart alert.

Honeywell Lyric is no c wire  wifi thermostat, you don’t need to check if your heating or cooling system has a C-wire.

On the other hand, Lyric 2nd generation didn’t change much compared with the 1st one except the support for HomeKit, still support Samsung SmartThings. However, this upgrade means much to Honeywell. Finally it has a product that can compete with Nest. Although there is a variety of HomeKit thermostats in the market, but most of them are with an ugly appearance, and most of the companies lack of experience and strength compared with Honeywell. HomeKit needs more high-quality choices to support for it. Otherwise some consumers with high requirements will choose the Nest.


  •  A smaller temperature swing range (1 degree vs. Nest’s 3)
  • Geofencing technology to know you are home or not while Nest uses motion detection
  • Open API for developers
  • Attractive design
  • Easy setup
  • Supports multi-stage heating and cooling systems
  • Better customer support


  • No data tracking
  • Lacks C-wire, needs a AAA Lithium battery and need to change every 2 month
  • The thermostat and its mobile app can be difficult to use
  • Doesn’t work with all routers
  • No control lock
  • No web portal

Compared Lyric with Nest

Remote Control:PC, Tablet, SmartphoneTablet, Smartphone
Power Source:Self recharging battery & 20 to 30 V C, Y1, or W1 wireBattery and optional 24 V C wire
Automated Modes:Self LearningGeofencing
Size:3″ Diameter3.75″ Diameter
Extreme Temperature Alerts:NoYes
Easy Modes:Away, SleepingAway, Sleeping
7 Day Programmable:Yes – but Learning mode can’t run when programmedYes
Coordinates with other devices:Nest ProtectNot yet – but has HomeKit compatibility
Filter Change Reminders:YesYes
Effective Price:Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon
Best Deals:
Manufacturer Website:NestLyric

After the thermostat was installed, you just need to set up iOS or Android applications. Lyric can know whenever you leave your home or not, if you are not at home. It can select heating or cooling according to your perspective “no pattern”. In addition, Lyric also allows the user to set two types of fences. One is 500 feet from the outside (for city residents), and the other is seven miles from the outdoors (for the suburbs households). Through geofencing technology, Lyric is able to decide when to adjust the indoor temperature.

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