Nest vs Ecobee vs Honeywell Wifi Thermostats

Wifi Thermostats Comparasion 2021: Nest vs Ecobee vs Honeywell

Today there are more and more wifi thermostats on the market, and they are taking the place of old programmable thermostats rapidly. When build a home automation system, a wireless thermostat can be more convenient than the wired, it will make all the things be simple and you can save money for not breaking the decoration. And a good wifi thermostat can make it possible to control  it from anywhere if you got a smart phone with an app on it. I make a chart below to compare Nest vs Ecobee and Nest vs Honeywell so that you can quickly know the difference between them.

Making Your Home Life Comfortable

The Nest 3nd has several motion tracking sensors, by which it can learn your habits, this make it an intelligent device to save energy and make your house comfortable. Nest can know if you were home or not, when you leave the home, it will launch energy-saving mode.
More than that, even your little adjustment can be recorded to the algorithm, so that the smart Nest can “guess” what you want then it adjusts itself over time. It will know if you like a lower temperature while sleep or a bit higher, at first it will remind you to set appropriate degrees at night, but after some days, it will do that work automatically.
Ecobee 3 has the same sensors like the Nest which aim is also gathering data about your habits so that it can be smart to offer you a better service. The Ecobee can know which room have people, and it will let that room be the most comfortable one.
You don’t need to make a 7-day schedule for Ecobee, that’s too troublesome, you can just make a new schedule in seconds and change it when you what another schedule. For Ecobee, it is an easy job.

Honeywell Voice Control Wi-Fi Thermostat

Honeywell Voice Control Wi-Fi Thermostat can be controlled with no movement of your body. Only you should do is open your mouth and make a command like “Turn the temperature up 2 degrees.” and the thermostat changes setting by 1 degree. This cool function is called far-field voice control, just like the Siri on Apple or the Amazon echo can do.
It has a flexible scheduling which makes it possible to set unique schedules as you like, even you can set 4 schedules per day. It  can also collect data about your habits so that it can learn what is comfortable for you at any time.

Control From phone

The three wifi thermostats provide remote control access like web or app. This is very useful when you meet something unplanned and you want to make some adjustment to your thermostat.
Thanks to the internet and smartphones, you can do all the adjustment from anywhere, and you can save lots energy and money by these actions.

Report of Energy Usage

One big reason to use a smart thermostat is that it can save energy. But how do you know you save how much energy? The three thermostats we compared have a function to let you know the exact figures. In an ecobee vs. Nest comparison, you’ll find both thermostats provide feedback about your energy usage. The Nest energy reporting offers the most amount of useful information. From the reports, you can see what cost the most of the energy, and what can you do to save more energies.

Some Conclusion of mine

After comparing the 3 great wifi thermostats, I finally choose the echobee3. I like the design of it, and it works good. Nest is also a stunning product, but I don’t like the appearance. Honeywell Voice Control Wi-Fi Thermostat is not so smart as echobee and Nest. With the remote sensors, Echobee can zone the house to several part. In that way it can save lots of energies if you are not move frequently at home.
I think Nest and ecobee 3 are the best wifi thermostats. Honeywell’s product is not as delicacy as Nest and ecobee, after all, they have too many products.
What’s the benefit of a wifi thermostat?
As the report of says, Heating and cooling consume about more than 50% of a house’s energy. So, automate the heating and cooling devices is important if you want to save energy. Smart thermostat can save much more energies than the programmable thermostat.
A programmable thermostat can save energy than no thermostat. But there are sometimes you want it goes to work before you go back or you forgot to turn it down or you come home late, or you are on a trip and the airplane delayed. These unplanned events happen everyday, if your thermostat has a remote access app, then you can save more energy when you are not home. The reports of energy using that some thermostat can provide is very useful if you want to know what consume the most energy and how to save more.
Price of wifi thermostats ranges from 200 to 300, not so expensive, and you can save that money after using it in one year.

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